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Dr. Yates Lifestyle Med Spa, located in Chicago, provides skin rejuvenation treatments throughout the Chicago area from the downtown loop to the Gold Coast, River North, New East Side, Old Town, Wicker Park, and Streeterville areas.

Dr. Yates will meet with his patients in order to develop a customized chemical peel that will meet the needs of your skin. Chemical peels work by exfoliating and getting rid of old skin and allowing for new and more youthful skin to regenerate.

Facial chemical peels remove the outermost layers of your skin in order to stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells. This allows for patients to be left with fresh and rejuvenated skin. No matter what type of skin issue you are experiencing, including rosacea, adult acne, or sun damage, Dr. Yates will customize a chemical peel to meet your needs. We suggest that you space out your treatments in 2-4 week intervals in order to get the optimal results.

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