Purifying Facial

Purifying Facial


Dr. Yates Lifestyle Med Spa, located in Chicago, provides skin rejuvenation treatments throughout the Chicago area from the downtown loop to the Gold Coast, River North, New East Side, Old Town, Wicker Park, and Streeterville areas.

Dr. Yates will first have a consultation with his patients in order to develop an understanding of their skin concerns and to get some background on their medical history. Purifying facials are relaxing and rejuvenating for your skin and your skin will be left with fresh and more youthful appearance.

Your skin will first be thoroughly cleansed and then a steam machine is used in order to open up your pores and soften any blackheads. This allows for the extraction of any blackheads or whiteheads and to unclog any pores. A mild chemical exfoliant will be used in order to eliminate any dead cells that can clog pores. A facial massage will be given in order to stimulate your skin and muscles and increase the blood flow. A facial mask will be applied, based on your skin type and skin condition. The facial will end with the application of a toner, moisturizer and sunscreen in order to close your pores and keep your skin hydrated.

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